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Come experience Fredericksburg city’s finest sports spot- Jay’s Downtown Sports Lounge

Your regular game experience at the bar has got a radical overhaul with contemporary, chic & subtle setting at the Jay’s the best live sports themed bar & lounge in the area. This is a first for the downtown area. This new age sports bar & lounge in the city with an extensive food and bar menu spreads over 7,000 sq ft subtle colors of grey and black. The 110″ projection screen behind the bar and 45 LED screens stream with live matches from across the world that highlights the NFL Sunday Ticket and the NHL package and much more. This place adds real time action to a sports fan’s experience of any given game.
The brilliant branding for the restaurant along with the talent it recruits helps push passionate fans to frenzy. This is a preferred place to make some noise and whip up team fervor, especially during high-octave games, like National Football League or Federer-Nasal tennis match. This place enables its guests to enjoy their Grand Prix and Tour de France over kegs of ale and pours of wine, making the sports bars a new age subculture phenomenon for Downtown Fredericksburg.
Giving sporty vigor to its after hour’s spirit is this cozy and contemporary lounge set in the rear of the restaurant. With great variety of over 60 beers from a wide selection with 20 on draft, we have a large liquor range and culinary delicacies the place serves the best of food & beverage experience to go with the sporting action. Pair the hand cut filet and house made crab cakes with varieties of beer. The staff serves nachos, fish and chips and club sandwiches soaked in the spirit of game you are watching.


Nothing pairs better with beer than grilled and barbecued food. Dishes are executed exceptionally well with a perfect flavor and cooked to order. The chef has created a humble selection of bar food and full entrees —house made fried onion rings and mac n cheese bites. The special beef nacho platter is best to go with your drinks. The desserts are spot on — with cheesecake drizzled with strawberry sauce, carrot cake, double chocolate cake honestly, as good as it gets. Service is top notch. Portions are huge and can be shared but you won’t want to.

Over 50 cozy cocktail table, two private dining spaces and high bar chairs have screens surrounding them to accommodate the best view of your game. Also be part of action with indoor games such as pool, scuffle board, darts and table tennis and drinking games such as beer pong and flip cup offers distractions when your favorites don’t perform to expectations.

Lakers, gators or bulls! Whichever NFL team you’re cheering, this is the place to catch the action. For those who live in this area, this could be quite a place away from the normal beer bars and restaurants.

Additional Information

  • street and parking lot parking
  • great food and drinks specials
  • takes reservations
  • good for groups
  • walk in welcome
  • good for kids
  • take out
  • catering
  • waiter service
  • relaxing atmosphere